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What in the world.

What is going on?

Donald Trump is a current nominee for President of the United States.

Turkey; a European nation which is also a NATO allie had tanks rolling in the streets of Istanbul, F-16's, helicopters, and soldiers trying to take over the country. Mind you there are 26 yes 26 NATO bases in Turkey and thousands of American serivcemen and women living there.

A maniac was running people over in Nice, France which is one of the most beautiful pleaces in the world. It sits right on the Mediterranean Sea.

Millions of refugees are fleaing their homes in the middle east due to an Islamic Regime killing, raping, and maiming them.

Young people are feeling the crushing pressure of student debt and it is the next bubble to burst. I wonder what's going to happen then? So I ask... what is going on?

Please respond.

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