A bit about..

We are the middle children of history; born too late to explore the world, too early to explore space, but right on time to explore this thing we call the internet... Let's get to it.

The first PC I got was a Gateway Destination around the year 1999. The monitor was 32" and it basically looked like a big ass 32 inch Sony Trinitron TV. The monitor was 32" and the width was probably a foot and a half deep. It was a behemoth. I have found some images on Google which I will attach. You have to see this thing to believe it. Anyway..

I’m self taught in a few programming languages and networking. The only thing I can say with 100% certainty; I was super intrigued / excited by this new technology, and being at the age of 13-14 years old it was perfect timing for a kid to explore something new with a tremendous amount of vigor. Another profound thing was by this time the internet was out and widely available for consumer use. The PC had a 56k dial up modem and I used AOL to connect to the internet. After taking the computer apart a few times and finding out where everything went, how everything fit, and how to add parts to make the PC perform better I also realized there were other ways you could connect to the web without paying for AOL. After everything I had learned and the potential of this new technology; I was hooked. I just wanted to learn, anything and everything. By the time I had graduated high school in 2003 I learned many computer languages which are now all redundant (maybe some people still use HTML). Fortunately that wasn't the goal. The major point I found out much later in life was the basic fact that I was very talented with I.T related issues/problems, and being able to reverse engineer them (even with my limited programming skillsets). I still do a little bit of technology based stuff but it's all just hobby at this point.

I like learning everything & anything I can about this thing we call the internet.

You can always find me on irc - various nets. But the nick is xo / x0 ..

And yes this is me you perverts. But I feel free in my own skin.